Chocolate Making Course

Chocolate Making Course

If you love making candy and want to expand your confectionery knowledge then joining a chocolate making course would be just perfect to fulfill your desire. Whether making chocolate is a hobby for you or you want to pursue it as a serious career choice, joining candy classes will take you to next level of chocolate making.

There are plenty of courses focused on making chocolates. Some of them are diploma programs focusing more on baking and patisserie whereas few others are primarily intensive workshops. Most of these workshops run for few weeks where you are made aware of all the basics of good candy making. The eligibility criteria for these programs differ. For some courses, you are required to have professional experience whereas few others are purely for the beginners and don’t demand any previous experience as such.

Then, there are Master chocolate programs as well for chocolate graduates or experienced chefs or chocolatiers who want to enhance their skills. Most of the chocolate making programs are all about how to make your own chocolate from scratch using dried cocoa beans. The diploma programs also cover the whole chocolate making and manufacturing process from sourcing beans, cleaning, winnowing, roasting, refining to conching and tempering. These programs provide wonderful opportunity to gain a lot of information about chocolate making in a relatively shorter span of time. The courses are hands-on nature which makes it very beneficial for people who join the course. The chocolate making recipes are usually demonstrated by skilled practitioner.

There are plenty of ways to learn making candies or chocolates. You can get your hands on good chocolate making books that explain everything about processes involved. You can read materials on different websites and get an idea about how the entire process takes place. But to get real experience and learning, it is better to join chocolate making courses. Countries like USA, Britain, Canada, Belgium and France etc offer wonderful courses after completion of which you will be fully equipped to make delicious chocolates on your own.

Usually the course curriculum covers subjects like understanding the Chocolate Industry, history of chocolate making, understanding Chocolate Flavour, chocolate ingredients, physiology of taste, sourcing Cocoa Beans, chocolate Manufacturing Process, chocolate crystallization, good manufacturing practices and formulating your Operations Plan. If you don’t have sufficient time to join a regular course, you can go for online classes where curriculum is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in audio and visual format. Making chocolates is an exact science and joining a chocolate making course will prove to be immensely useful in learning the making of delicious chocolates.

Chocolate Making Equipment

Chocolate Making Equipment

Chocolates that are produced at manufacturing plants require huge investments on machine and equipments. Because the production lots are much bigger in size, such investments are quite understandable. However, if you are planning to make candies at home, you will find most of the equipment you’ll need to get started making chocolates is already in your home. For chocolate makers who are new into this hobby or are running small time business, small equipments will suffice. But as you master this art of chocolate making and start dabbling deeper into this hobby, you would require some specialty equipment to help make things easier. Talking about some of the basic chocolate making equipments, let’s have a look at the initial machinery required by you.

Chocolate making recipes require correct sizes of pots. Large pots will make your candy to cook too quickly and this can ruin the entire process whereas smaller sized pots can result into messy affair of boil-over. So, it is important to choose appropriate size of pots for making chocolates. Pots should have smooth interior and not grooves in it. Grooves can create problems in full dissolved of sugar crystals. Choose copper pot or heavy gauge aluminum pots.

Double boiler is another essential material for melting chocolates. Try choosing stainless steel double boiler that works really well. For successful candy making, go for a good kitchen scale. To follow your candy recipe accurately, it is imperative to have a digital scale kitchen scale or one with a dial. One of the important chocolate making equipments is thermometers that are available in many types like candy, digital, chocolate, deep fryer, infrared etc. If you are a beginner in candy making then go for candy thermometers. Use thermometers carefully as they run the risk of exploding if put into wrong temperature.

Important equipment for professional chocolate makers is marble slab which helps them in tempering the chocolate and working the fondant. Go for three tiered cooling racks as they provide you a place to let your candies set without taking up too much counter space. Spoons are also an integral part of chocolate making process. You can use plastic spoons or wooden spoons. These spoons are easily made available by the candy chocolate making supplies agencies.

To spread out chocolates and to coat candies, cooking spatulas come very handy. You have the choice of using rubber headed spatulas or metal kind. The last names in chocolate making equipments are cookie sheets or jelly roll pans, pastry brushes and mixers.

Chocolate Making Moulds

chocolate-making-mouldsChocolate making is a very thorough process that requires different equipments. One of the important parts of making chocolates is chocolate moulds. It is a wonderful tool for making chocolates into many desired shapes for different themes or occasions. Chocolate moulds help you in forming chocolates in any shapes. Moulds are in existence since important processes like conching and tempering were discovered in the chocolate making. There is no dearth of quality moulds in the market that you can procure at low cost. However, chocolates can also be made at home and that too quite easily. Different occasions require different sort of themes and for that chocolate moulds come very handy.

Usually made of plastic, a chocolate mould is basically a cavity. It should be used with low heat melting chocolate and can withstand temperature of up to 160 degrees F. Plastic is not the only material used for making chocolates.

Chocolate moulds are also available in different materials like metal, rubber and silicone etc. Depending upon what types of chocolate shape you are looking for, chocolate moulds should be decided. For example, you are willing to have chocolates that are flat on one side and formed on another or you can also have three dimensional moulds that will help you in obtaining fully shaped chocolate. Magnetic chocolate moulds are another choice that many people are opting for.

The best part about chocolate mould is that, it can be used for dark chocolate, milk chocolate and also white chocolate. Higher level of heat can melt the mould so ideally, it should be used with small pieces of chocolate being melted on lower temperature. Having smaller pieces of chocolates also makes it easier for you to pour into the chocolate mould. Different types of chocolates require different types of chocolate moulds.

Chocolate moulds should be cleaned on a regular basis. However, never use soap to clean the mould as it can penetrate into the plastic mould and that will lead to bitter taste in the next batch of chocolates. Hot water is the best way to clean the mould and also in removing any excess chocolate from the mould. Chocolate moulds are easily available at chocolate stores or nearby craft stores where you can procure them easily.

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake

Learn this recipe to make a yummy Blackforest at home turning a simple day into a special one.

All you need is one eggless chocolate sponge cake, nearly half can of cherries and syrup, one cup of whipped cream, 3 tbsp refined sugar, 4 tbsp grated and chilled chocolate ( plain or dark chocolate can be taken) and half tsp vanilla essence.

For the icing- Beat cream over tray of ice cubes till it forms a soft peak. Add sugar and essence, mix gently. Put the icing in an icing gun and keep it in the refrigerator.

Now slice the cake into two horizontal pieces and put it on a mesh. Sprinkle 2-3 tbsp syrup of cherries on each half and allow it to soak for about 10 minutes. Spread the cream icing on the other piece. Spread some cherries on the cream. Place the two pieces one over the other. Spread the chocolate flakes all over and decorate with cherries and icing. Viola, your homemade black forest is ready.

These recipes are little different from the original cake recipe but tastes as good as the original one. Homemade cakes nevertheless taste delicious. But you need to try out a few ones before you get it perfect, so make smaller quantities at the start and graduate to the heavy duty ones later. So get going on your favourite cake and dish it out to your family or your guests. Both ways you are sure to get an oh-wow pat on the back.