Chocolate Making as a Home Business

It is always said ‘keep the child within you alive’. And children remind us of chocolates. While munching a few of them, have you ever wondered how they come into the form they are in. So attractive and mouth-watering!

Chocolate fantasy can never go away. The more you have, the more you want. The craving may be satisfied with a variety of them available in the market manufactured by a lot of professionally operated companies. But there are many who make them at home. Yes, we are talking about homemade chocolates. Initially, moms and aunts made it at home on those special occasions. Later, many understood the potential in the taste of homemade ones and found it enterprising enough to take it up as a business.

Homemade chocolate business might seem small and low profile. But is much more happening. There are people who have converted their kitchens into commercial kitchens. In India, the business is seeking great demands and scaling new heights too. Those with a passion for making chocolates and business centric are taking it up as a side or full time business to earn extra bucks. This home based business though takes time to take off, is relatively recession proof. They form a part of the category in corporate gifts that could be called as the premium range. It is a natural psyche of people who do not spend much on luxuries even though they love to spend on items like chocolate.

The homemade chocolates are distributed through homes, schools and college canteens and confectionery shops and also through wholesale and retail shops. A new channel could be through the internet by constructing a personal website.

Among homemade chocolates a variety of products are possible, some of which could be lollipops, truffles, chocolate arrangements. There could be occasion special chocolates also – for instance weddings, corporate gifts or even for gifting purposes. The colourfully wrapped chocolates not only make them look attractive and delicious but also serve the purpose of gifting. This variety ranges from plain dark and milk chocolates to white chocolates. And also include marble, layered, peanuts, raisins, cashew, crackle, fruit flavour, honey dew Chocolates to name a few.

The price of chocolates ranges from Rs 200 per kilogram for assorted ones to over Rs 1000 per kilogram for the exclusive chocolates. Another interesting part about homemade chocolates is that they can be stored without refrigeration for up to six months.

To start off this business, you need to have a set clientele. If you don’t then your set up must be adaptive to the orders you will receive. You can read up information available on the internet. The usual procedure would be buying some moulds for making chocolates, flavours, colours etc. The pivotal idea to sell in this segment is to make it delicious and innovative so that it stands different from the rest present in the homemade chocolates market.

After you have decided on the variety of products to make, it can be disseminated to the people known to you-friends, colleagues, relatives and not to forget the neighbourhood. Here internet comes very handy, promotions about your new business can be done though building a website for this purpose.

This business runs into millions of rupees. Though the business is huge it is difficult to gather actual statistics about the monies invested and earned. A lot of homemakers see this as their opportunity to start a business with least investment and larger profits. Also, joint ventures with few commercially based bakeries and confectioneries are seen happening. The alliances made this way have given the homemade chocolate business a boost. So if you are confident of your chocolates – in taste and look then break into this market. Here’s wishing you all the best.

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